We have created a WOBI world

Ilaria Maso, Event Manager at WOBI, talks about her experience with evenTwo.

WOBI | World of Business Ideas is a global platform of business content with the mission of helping companies and their directors improve business management. This includes more than 20 major events per year, among which the World Business Forums stand out. They are held in some of the main capital cities in the World and feature renowned keynote speakers.

The journey with evenTwo began in 2016, when a partner for World Business Forum Madrid recommended evenTwo “for the good quality of the App and the professional attention of the team”, according to Ilaria Maso, Event Manager of WOBI. She affirms that back then they needed “a flexible and easy-to-use App, capable of adding value to the forums and maximizing the attendees’ experience”. The following year they extended the collaboration to a global agreement, meaning that evenTwo would create applications for all WOBI events worldwide. “The goal was to have a unique and coherent voice, a homogeneous look & feel”, explains Ilaria.

Since then, WOBI and evenTwo have grown stronger together, with an increasing number of events featured on their Multi-App. Under a single platform in which to host the different applications and databases, the global and uniform image they were looking for became a reality: “We have created a WOBI world, where executives from all around the globe can find the events of their country, but also know what we organize in other places”, explains Ilaria. In addition, she explains that the Multi-App serves as a global agenda, „because it orders chronologically all events, past, ongoing and future.”

All WOBI Apps are published in their Complete version, so attendees can use them to find information about the agenda and speakers‘ biographies, to send their feedback to the organization and also to interact with fellow attendees through private messages or on the comment wall. “One of the options that our attendees like the most is the ability to send questions to the speakers through the App,” says Ilaria. She believes that, like this, „attendees feel involved during the presentations and can take part directly.“

Ilaria makes a very positive assessment of their experience with evenTwo applications: „It represents a very simple and direct way of interacting with each one of our attendees“, she says. „Every year we receive very good feedback regarding its usefulness and usability during the event.“ That same simplicity is appreciated when managing the App: “The backend is very intuitive; it’s easy to upload content and make modifications.” Ilaria also highlights that both the statistics provided by the Apps use and the satisfaction survey results help them improve.

Finally, at WOBI they claim to be “very satisfied” with the customer service provided by evenTwo professionals from the moment of an App creation: “We only need to fill out a form and, in a very short time, they make sure to have everything ready and available” . In addition, she underlines the proactivity and availability of the team: „Having this pace and professionalism is critical for WOBI, because we must be able to always react quickly to any unforeseen circumstances“.

To sum up, Ilaria states that so far the experience has been very good and hopes to carry on with the path that began three years ago, exploring also new ways to improve the experience of their attendees. „evenTwo is a valuable ally for us„, she concludes.