Before the trip there are already people that send pictures packing the suitcase, eating in groups before boarding the plane…

Meritxell Gras, Head of Operations in Market Management at Allianz Spain, talks about her experience with evenTwo.

Allianz is a key partner for evenTwo. A relationship that began in 2017 and that strengthened in 2019 with the creation of the Multi-App for their events in Spain. 2020 is the year of definitive expansion, with a new Multi-App for the headquarters in Germany, so we take this opportunity to talk with Meritxell Gras, Head of Operations in Market Management in Allianz Spain, who tells us about their experience so far.

Meritxell explains that they chose evenTwo because it suits their needs. She emphasizes its simplicity “not only in content management, but also for the App users”, as well as the ability to adapt to the corporate image of Allianz: “We can customize each App according to the needs of the event and our brand image”. As a result, Allianz didn’t take on a collaboration with other event App providers which, according to Meritxell, “were complicated and offered less functional Apps.”

As they experienced more event Apps, at Allianz they checked the possibilities that evenTwo offered: “It’s very practical to have a Multi-App, since there are many attendees that use more than one event App; thus, by downloading a single App, they can access all they need.” Most of events featured in the Allianz Multi-App are incentive trips, something that Meritxell finds very useful, since attendees have “all the information about schedules and maps”.

For Allianz, another essential part of the Apps are the possibilities of interaction, among which Meritxell highlights the list of attendees and the comment wall: “Most of the attendees know each other and enhance the trip experience”, while for the new ones the ability to see the photo and information of fellow attendees “helps them know each other better”. As an example, she says that “before the trip starts there are already people who send pictures packing the suitcase, eating in groups before boarding the plane…”.

“The first time we used an evenTwo App it was very successful and now people expect it,” says Meritxell. On the other hand, she admits that having one “reinforces the image of an innovative and digital company.” However, although they no longer waste paper on event agendas, she admits that in the case of trips they still give away guides with more detailed information about the places they visit: “Maybe in the long run we can do without them and keep up with our paperless approach”.

Finally, Meritxell values ​​the attention of evenTwo as “very adequate and with a quick response”, and adds that “when doubts or problems arise, they are dealt with very quickly”, which gives them “a lot of peace of mind”. She’s sure that in Allianz Spain they will continue to use the Multi-App for both trips and other events and, although at the moment they feel satisfied with the features they are currently using, as part of their Networking plan, they do think about “also using gamification or evenTwo Access”, in this case as “a quick way to ensure attendee registration” on trips.

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