Why you should use registration tools in all your events

Believe it or not, there are still many event managers that carry out a manual registration of attendees or, at least, a not very technical one. While event and communication agencies are used to using registration and access control technology, far too many companies resort to sending emails and fulfilling excel sheets when organizing attendance to their corporate events. In this article we provide some keys to convince you that taking the technological leap is both simple and profitable.

The registration form is the most basic tool. It allows us to collect basic information from the attendees as well as other matters related to the event: which days they will attend, in which sessions they wish to register, if they have any special requirements, etc. Moreover, there are more sophisticated resources that allow you to set a maximum quota per session, attach documents, select seats, sell tickets and much more.

Alright, event attendees have already registered, so next comes the management and communication part. Whether we organize a large event or either numerous events for the same people, having an administration panel will help us to be much more efficient. Like this, it is possible to create, for instance, an attendee database, to review confirmations in real time or even to schedule mass group emails.

Third, there are effective tools for controlling access to events. From the creation of a simple user to access a virtual event with a password to an on-site access system with accreditation and QR codes, there are numerous solutions on the market that offer agile and secure access at a very competitive price. Some of them, such as evenTwo Access, integrate all registration tools in a single platform that is also compatible with an event App for a 100% digital experience without all the hassle.

Ready to take your event registration to the next level?