(Definitive?) changes in Apple’s guidelines

What was going on with Apple?

At the end of August 2017, we published important information on Apple’s new guidelines and how they affected our sector, companies that create customized mobile Apps for events. You can read it here.

New change on Apple’s guidelines from December 20th

On December 20th, Apple published a major update on these new guidelines, lowering the initial level of restrictions they wanted to impose.
Texto cambiado política Apple

In summary, this results in a wider range of options when it comes to publishing Apps for events. From our point of view, the fastest and most efficient option is to publish your event in eventsPlace, a multi-App launched on January 9th that enhances the experience of the event attendees. Also, this change will allow us to continue working with those customers who require an App for a “white label” event by publishing it with their developer account.