Before, when you were interested in meeting an attendee, you could only contact them if you ran into them

Mireia Mateos, Management Assistant at Trobada al Pirineu, talks about her experience with evenTwo.

Trobada al Pirineu is an annual economic event and, since its first edition in 1990, it has become one of the most important business meetings in Catalonia. Held in Lleida, it combines rigorous analysis and debate with a close and relaxed atmosphere in the natural environment of the Pyrenees. For a day and a half, this year about 500 attendees had the chance to enjoy an event App for the first time.

Mireia Mateos, who has been part of the organization for 22 years, explains that they had been looking for an event App provider for several years but the market prices didn’t fit their budget. A member of the board of directors got to experience an evenTwo App firsthand and recommended it. “We didn’t look any further,” says Mireia. “We tested it and we saw that the application was very good, that it was very functional and intuitive.”

“We had yet to see the internal part,” says Mireia. “We don’t regard ourselves as very digital, but we still understood everything straight away. Once the information has been uploaded to the platform, it’s just about updating and modifying certain things”. Since two of the people in charge couldn’t attend the training session, it was Mireia and a colleague who became teachers: “We explained it to our colleagues and they got it right away too”. This was a relief for Trobada, who nevertheless had hired the evenTwo full-service option and on-site support during the event itself. “10 out of 10,” summarizes Mireia when asked about the service.

Attendees enjoyed all the features included in the Complete plan, and the App was a success both in terms of downloads and use. “People were delighted with the application, they said it was about time,” says Mireia. She explains that they had never provided the list of attendees before the event, and that both that information and internal messaging were very much appreciated and highly contributed to the networking in this edition of the Trobada: “Before, when you were interested in meeting an attendee, you could only contact them if you ran into them, and that’s where the App has helped a lot.”

Besides, the evenTwo App has provided much more agility to the organization in several aspects. Mireia gives as an example the allocation of seats at the awaited annual dinner: “Now you may send a notification five minutes before, people see where they must sit and there is no hassle.” She also tells that, so far, the questions were posed to the speaker with cards that were collected and given to the moderator. “This time the questioning has been very quick, people asked a lot more and the moderators themselves were impressed.”

“The App has been a success, so it will continue from now on,” concludes Mireia, who sees in the renewal of the public, more accustomed to digital technology, one of the keys to the success of the application. She believes the organization will have enough time to assess whether they will be integrating new developments in the future, but she wouldn’t mind an identical version for 2020: “We’ve hit the nail on the head.”

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