An App should be used because it’s useful, not for the sake of being techy

Mariana di Paola, Digital Content Manager at SAP Argentina, talks about her experience with evenTwo.

evenTwo was responsible for developing the Multi-App SAP NOW South, that contains the Apps for the events that SAP held last Spring in Argentina, Chile and Peru. Mariana di Paola, Digital Content Manager and coordinator of the project, believed this was the best solution for them: “Having the three Apps inside a single platform was very practical”. According to her, the fact that each country organized its own event meant that having independent databases and content managers was “very positive for the organization”.

The relation between evenTwo and SAP Argentina dates back to 2016. “We got to know evenTwo thanks to an agency we worked with”, says Mariana. She explains that the relationship of trust and an economic price lead her to hire the Multi-App, although she stresses the importance of simplicity above all things: “Other providers offer more complex packages, but with evenTwo we did a one hour training and then the three of us were ready to go”. Besides, she says thet were “very pleased” with the service offered: “Despite the time difference with Spain, they are always responding quickly and the response is great”.

Mariana explains that having Apps on their events is “like an obligation” for SAP: “We cannot talk about smart company, digitalization, etc. and not have an App”. In the three SAP NOW celebrated, totems were installed were attendees could follow instructions to download the App, something that “gave a plus to the overall image of the events”.

Anyway, Mariana feels ambitious regarding future collaborations: “An app should be used because it’s truly useful, not just for the sake of being techy”. Although the download ratio was high, she admits that attendees have many distractions during the event and says: “It’s also our responsibility that everything goes through the App, so we should improve that to make the most of it”.

As a result, in SAP Argentina they’d like to study more carefully what new features could be considered by the team and try to have “more time to integrate them” for the 2020 SAP NOW events. Among other options, Mariana feels it would be specially interesting to go for “something more integral” thanks to evenTwo Access, the new platform for attendee registration and access control developed by evenTwo. “It’s great news. Up until now we do that with another provider and we’d rather have it all in one”, she says.

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