Pre and post event actions allow to build up expectations and maintain commercial contact

Mariano Llorente, Founder and President of Club CEO Spain, talks about his experience with evenTwo.

The Cumbre CEO (CEO Summit) brings together Spanish entrepreneurs and leaders every year to analyze and discuss ideas and trends in the business world. Renowned speakers participate in exclusive sessions divided into eight themes, in which they share the vision and skills necessary to achieve new paths to success. The 2019 edition held in Segovia under the motto Impulsing the future was the second one featuring an evenTwo App. “Once you learn to use a tool, and if it’s good, it doesn’t give you trouble and people already know it, there’s no need to change,” explains Mariano, President of Club CEO.

The events organized by the Club CEO are face to face, so that members get know each other and interact. “You really get to know people by looking at them in the eye” says Mariano, “but that doesn’t mean we don’t rely on digital tools for improving.” The plan chosen by the Club CEO for its events is Networking, ideal to enhance professional exchange between attendees, while including all the information and interaction features.

“For our type of event, it’s very valuable that they can know in real time if there have been changes in the agenda”, says Mariano, and adds: “During the event we don’t introduce the speakers because their profile is already available in the App so that attendees can check it up and visit their social profiles and so forth ”. He also explains that on the past edition the organization itself encouraged participation in the comment wall by posting messages and photos, and that many private messages were sent through the event App.

However, the use of the App is not limited to the days on which the summit takes place, and Mariano stresses the importance of a “pre and post event actions”. On the one hand, the attendee registration begins a week before, a moment from which the App is already being used “to generate expectations and confirm who is going to attend”. On the other hand, once the event is over, many attendees continue to send messages and photos through the App, something that Mariano says allows “to maintain the commercial contact”.

The Club CEO highlights the service and willingness of evenTwo as a key strength, especially when the customer lacks specific digital knowledge. “People who are not too technical may feel it’s going to be overwhelming and, on the contrary, everything is made easy and stress-free,” admits Mariano. In addition, he explains that on their second year they ended up refusing a new training session because when returning to the content manager they realised it was not necessary: ​​“With little technical knowledge everything can be customized and managed in a very simple way”.

In conclusion, Mariano states that the assessment of the evenTwo App is very positive, and that he has been widely congratulated by the attendees: “It’s very usable and they liked it a lot, in fact some of them have even told me that they’ll be using it in their events” In addition, he has no doubt that they want to repeat the experience in future meetings organized by the Club CEO: “I believe that nowadays in every event, even if it’s small like ours, it’s essential to have a tool like yours.”

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